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"Step by Step" - a new concept of jazz vocal coaching

A new concept? What for?

During my ten years of teaching praxis I had to notice over and over again, that special important aspects of the musical education are not fulfilled at single lessons . So it was often faced with the situation of a student, not being able to find his/her individual key, to transpose their notes correctly or even to understand the system of symbols contained in the notes. While rehearsals we found out, that they had difficulties with the ... Read on

Vocal Coaching in individual lessons

Of course the individual encouragement of each of my students at high standard is the main point of my concept. Nothing can replace a solid voice education or breathing technique, or the acquirement of an individual repertoire. ... Read on


Several year ago I initiated this alternative kind of lesson. Once in a month students get a course in means of a workshop, were things are worked at, which are partly neglecting single courses or are simply not possible to be taught Part of it is to connect the training of  ... Read on



Livemusic Training

The participants have the possibility to get practical experience on stage, without being under pressure. They precisely learn to write and to interpret jazz charts, - to appoint their own key, to handle with the stage technique (micro, amplifier, mixing console…) to communicate with ... Read on

Vocalensemble MoabeatBox

A little choir-project with 8-10 members sings a wide repertoire of rhythmic and harmonic variegated arranged songs of jazz, pop and worldmusic. The ensemble experiences with instrumental use of voice and vocal-percussion ... Read on


You would like to learn singing, but you haven't any time or money? There's no music- and/or singing-teacher in you hometown? You are single mother or father and you'd like to sing a little bit without searching a babysitter? You'd like to advance your voice, your way of interpretation ... Read on


Theorie-Spezial for Singers

The participants of the course, learn qualify and hear intervals, cords, scales, they get to know the system of the jazz cord symbols they qualify keys, transpose notes and learn the typical rhythmic and the tees of the different ... Read on

Vocal Session

The "Vocal-Session" offers singers a regular possibility to enlarge their practical work on stage and to join real public. Potential interested people can get an impression of our work. The session is opened by a short organized program part, than the stage is open for ... Read on

Boss Rc-2 the new kollege

We keep up with the latest technological developments in the music industry and expand our range of lessons now with this latest-generation device that can store up to 16 voices on each other and ... Read on


TeamSing ist ein einzigartiges, begeisterndes und teamstärkendes Workshop-Konzept mit Eventcharakter. Denn TeamSing nutzt die Kraft des gemeinsamen Singens. ... Weiterlesen