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The participants get the possibility to expand their stage practice without direct performance stress. In advance, they learn to write and interpret precise charts and to determine their individual key. The handling of the stage technique (micro, amplifier, mixer, etc.) will be trained, the participants learn to communicate with the musicians in the live situation and to assert themselves in front of an audience.Under the guidance of a professional trio (piano, bass, drums), the learned repertoire pieces will be adapted to the stage, the stylistic variety ranges from classics of standard literature to soulful pop ballads and musical pieces to cutting-edge jazz. Proper timing, phrasing and independent arranging is trained, so students can develop a sense of interactive music making and improvisation.Composing participants learn about the arrangement and presentation of their new pieces. The artistic-pedagogical aspect of the course is also that it leads to networking of the participants and inspires them to set up joint projects. The supportive presence and active participation of the classmates usually has an extremely inspiring effect on the further development of the individual productions. Self-perception and external perception are thus equally trained.The training is also suitable for the preparation for university studies.

It is requested to bring the scores of the selected pieces in triplicate!



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Our Crew of renowed colleagues of Berlin Music scene:

Lito Tabora (p) Ramani Krishna (b) Volker Fry (d)