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"Step by Step" a new concept of jazz vocal coaching (look for dates and locations at "Current Events / Dates" )



A new concept? What for?
During my ten years of teaching praxis I had to notice over and over again, that special important aspects of the musical education are not fulfilled at single lessons . So it was often faced with the situation of a student, not being able to find his/her individual key, to transpose their notes correctly or even to understand the system of symbols contained in the notes. While rehearsals we found out, that they had difficulties with the technique on stage (micro, amp. etc.) to communicate with the musicians and to hold their ground in front of public. They were made absolutely insecure by the live situation regarding timing and improvisation in which there already used to be good somehow. This handicap often causes problems between newcomers and their older colleagues concerning acknowledgment

Due to this experiences I had the idea to extend the teaching concept of vocal coaching by several subjects. - A further target of the concept is a link between the musical basic education an the -higher education