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Step by Step - small steps to great success


DSC 0032a1Kati Albert defines a new way of vocal-coaching. Her methods lead her students to success on stage and demonstrate that being a singer means much more than simply covering songs performed by other artists.

Kati Albert is a developer of creativity and personality. In individual-lessons and workshops she encourage her students to improvise freely. At live-music-training the students sing with professional live-musicians to better enable them to work out their expressions for the stage. Concerts with all students provide opportunities to sing with audience on stage.

Kati Albert is born in Hungary and is mother of two adult sons. So she worked international in Berlin and Budapest for a long time. During this time she teaches with the "Step by Step" program a lot of talents, she is really proud of.

Kati Albert's great passion for music is demonstrated by her energy and agility. She has a special passion for rythm and arranges the ensemble "MoaBeatBox" with advanced singers.

Kati Albert is always looking for new coaching-methods to utilise with individual lessons for each student. She has a focus on pop, rock and jazz singing but is not shy to experiment with new inspirations.

Why not try out Kati Albert’s extraordinary competence and passion in a training-lesson.

Al Jarreau       DSC 0128

Mit AI Jarreau beim Gesangscontest

des ungarischen Rundfunks in 2002


Mit Ihrem Meister Dr. Garay Attila im

Marmorsaal des ungarischen Rundfunks