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A few years ago, I introduced this alternative form of teaching, where my students each receive one lesson a month in the form of a workshop to work out what is chronically short-lived in one-to-one lessons or even impossible. In the workshops fruitful working relationships are created among the participants, and also common pieces can be put on the stage, which are later presented in the context of sessions and concerts.


"Singing the Groove" is a rhythm and improvisation workshop for singers. Rhythm and groove in the group brings joy and makes alive, stimulates concentration, communication and interaction, requires attention, and shows ways to creativity and improvisation.
What we are doing is:
- Movement and language games,
- Rhythm canons and little songs,
- Live arrangements and instant compositions,
- different improvisation techniques
- Voicings and polyphony
- Rhythmic and improvisation games
- Vocal Percussion as accompaniment to simple and familiar songsThe games and exercises promote cognitive, emotional, and musical skills, and increase your own rhythmic safety. Mental and physical activity and concentration are stimulated, coordination skills, attention and memory are trained.

"Circle Singing" à la Bobby McFerrinIn small groups, short musical phrases are superimposed and repeated; "Looped."
-Circle Singing means feeling the energy and joy of singing, of being part of a larger whole, and of drawing power for our everyday lives.
-Circle Singing enables the discovery of unexpected musical expressive possibilities beyond the criteria of "ability to be able to compete".
-Circle Singing means empathic leadership to "hook in" to a group of vocal-minded people and to participate in ever-renewing wonderful sound patterns and melody rugs that emerge from the moment. We experiment with various types of Circles and Instant compositions, with melodies, body and mouth percussion, and even with the help of a Loop Station.
-Circle Singing is open to all ages and musical levels, everyone can join in according to his musical possibilities and dare to improvise.




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